Delivery Address (Invoices)

I am wondering why the Sales Order has a delivery address however the address does not copy over to Sales Invoice or the notes. I go to different locations and do work for a company who provides me the work. I would like to invoice the company who provides me the work however I would like to make sure the address is on it and it seems redundant to have to type it on the sales quote, then the sales order then finally on the invoice to keep track of it. Otherwise the product is really great! I don’t have the funds to buy the server edition yet however I would like to donate if possible to you because I do like the product. Have any way I can do that?

Is there anything I am missing on how to do this any other way?

I wonder why you bother with the sales order. I understand creating a quote, so the company assigning you the work can decide whether to give it to you versus some other provider. But since a sales order is purely an internal document, that just seems like extra work.

I don’t personally use quotes, because my work and rates are defined by separate contracts. So I’m not certain what carries over from quote to sales invoice. But at least you should be able to cut out one step if the information you want does not carry over.

The reason I use both is because I get assigned work. I first reach out to the customer and see if I can schedule it. If I can, I put it in as a sales order saying I should be doing it. However it could get canceled still so I don’t classify it as an invoice yet. If I can’t schedule it I set it up as a sales quote because if I attempt 3 times then they take it away and I may not do it. That is my way to keep track of the different orders and understand where it is in the process. If I schedule it, then it should be a sales order. It still may not be done.

Yeah, having a Text box for Delivery Address in Sales Invoices would ease billing. I do have customers who want to invoice it in the name of the Headoffice address and deliver it to the site address where the contract has been taken. This is required.

You can add custom field on invoices. Why not add Delivery address field on invoice then?

is this possible to copy Delivery Address (Customized Fields) to Delivery Address of Delivery Notes?
or Copy Billing Address of Sales Invoice to Delivery Address of Delivery Notes(when delivery address is not same as Billing Address, we will change at Delivery Notes)

if the customer have Headoffice address and deliver it to the site address just put them both in the adress details of the customer

street number

Delivery adress
street number

agreed to type 2 address when they are not same
if they are same, we want to reduce retype

You do not have to retype if you include both in the main address field. I believe that is what @Genti_Ge is suggesting.