Fetch and Use Delivery address of Customer section

how to fetch and use the delivery address of customer section in custom theme?
As that address is used in creating delivery notes. @Tut @Bruna_Dota_Carvalho @lubos

Please turn elsewhere for coding instruction.

its not about coding. i created a custom field in customer section as delivery address. but there is already a user input field of delivery address. i m trying to use the already given delivery address field.

Delivery notes have delivery address directly on the form which will be available in variable {{ recipient.address }}. Why do you want address from customer object when it’s provided on delivery note?

i need to display delivery address in the sales invoice.
as per gst law here gst is charged at the place of delivery so it is mandatory to display delivery address along with billing address seprately.

Right now i m using another custom field as delivery address in customer details. So when i enter customer details i have to fill two seprate field of delivery address.i want to use the pre-defined delivery address.

see the full image.

this is very unlikely to be implemented in Manager as this has been discussed on the forum long back.

your only option at present is to create custom fields and custom theme for sales invoice to show delivery address along with the billing address.

The issue is that delivery address could be different from invoice to invoice so pulling delivery address from customer level might not even work for you anyway.

I think the best solution would be to make this a generic feature where you could just check the box to show delivery address on invoice too (which you could edit on invoice if required). No custom coding would be required.


@lubos If u can implement that it will be easier for users to use that feature. Else we have to depend on custom field.

Would this then work like automatic reference numbers do in the sense that once the box is checked once, the number is then saved in the field and the box goes unchecked.

My thought is if a customer changed delivery addresses, a check box showing the address on the form would change all previously printed forms correct?

We had a custom theme setup to pull an address from the customer profile but quickly discovered that changing the customers address affected all forms doing it out way and we have since changed our practice.

any update on this @lubos or atleast put it in ideas category .