Different Delivery Address


Can a custom field be placed at the top of the Estimate next to the billing address? And will it follow thru when copied to the Invoice? I only know how to create custom fields placed below the estimate. How can you place one above the estimate next to the address field? Better yet, why not allow the both the Billing Address and the Delivery Address fields as optional on Estimates to follow thru on Invoices?


My proposal was just a fast way to solve your problem without involving the programmer.

About your questions:

  1. you can place a custom field everywhere through a personalized theme
  2. if the custom fields has the same name in the estimate and in the invoice it will be copied


Davide … all of my custom fields are listed as position 1, 2, 3 and so on … and they all run after the estimate total. You say I can place a custom field anywhere. So can you tell me how I can place it at the top left of the estimate just below the Billing Address?


That is a matter of programming a custom theme. This isn’t a coding forum. Moving fields around is not difficult for a competent programmer, but isn’t trivial for the ordinary user. Adding the fields and controlling their order can be done by any user. But when you start focusing on appearance rather than function, you should expect to hire the necessary talent. Any competent web developer should be able to write a custom theme.


Tut … I certainly do not have experience in web developing. I am simply making a strong suggestion that it would be helpful in the Moving, Delivery and Transportation industries if we had a check box option to add the Delivery Address field to our Estimates and Invoices. By law we have to include both address on our communication with the client. Currently I am including both addresses in the Billing Address field. But having a check box next to the Delivery Address field would be perfect for certain types of industries. Is it possible this option can be added to the program? Thank you!


I was responding only to your request for help moving custom fields around, not your earlier idea about address options.

I have no control over software changes. I am only a forum moderator, a user like you.


Tut … I apologize. I thought you were one of the programmers. How do I specifically ask my question to a programmer?


all theme customization have to be done by the user. you can hire someone locally if you personally do not have the necessary skills.

regarding your need to show both delivery and billing address, this was discussed in details in the below topic. you may check it.

ofcourse there is no suitable solution yet.
but you can create custom fields with similarly matching titles so that their contents will be copied over to the next form.
placement of fields still has to be done with a custom theme.


No apology is necessary. That is what I get for spending too much time on the forum. The developer monitors the forum even when he doesn’t reply.


The delivery address field does already exist it will need to tick a box to copy over all document and it would virtually and initially answer many requests. Ideally delivery address should/could be populated from a drop down list just like the customer one.


I would love to see this Fabien. Do you know if the programmers plan to add this feature?


Well I have been trying to get the delivery address implemented for a while now. I am not sure how the work on priority maybe @Tut can help on that topic.


As I said earlier in this thread, I have no influence on software development priorities.


@sharpdrivetek, is there a guide or some other comprehensive instructions for how to design a custom theme?


No, there is not. There is only this Guide:

Users are on their own for developing and debugging custom themes. And moderators and long-time forum activists will do their best to discourage coding questions on this forum. Depending on your knack for coding, Liquid themes can seem simple or quite daunting. But any competent web developer should be able to help you with one.


@Tut, don’t you ever sleep? Is there a way to send private messages to an addressee on this forum?


Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen, then on the envelope symbol. You will see all the personal message options.