Shipping Address: Customer -> Quote -> Order -> Invoice

I’m new to Manager and just exploring all the features on the server version. It looks great and I’m really hoping we can make the switch as our current accounting software is becoming quite frustrating.

I have noticed that some basic fields are missing such as phone number, contact name for business customers, etc. which are all easily fixable using custom fields so this ended up being a non-issue.

However, a basic requirement for us is a Shipping Address. I realize this can also be added using a custom field, however the shipping address should follow from Customer → Quote → Order → Invoice. From what I’ve read, custom templates can take a custom field from the customer and put it onto generated documents, but this is not a great solution as sometimes the address must be slightly modified (i.e. Shipping Attn: John Doe) for an individual order and a few orders will have a completely different shipping address. I cannot figure out how to have custom fields follow if they are the same name (i.e. if Sales Quote has a custom field with the same name as Customer, then copy the information over).

I do see this previous thread from 2014 saying a Ship To field would be added but it still seems to be missing on the latest version. This seems to be the only feature that is lacking. If it is at all possible, I would really appreciate the addition of a Shipping Address field beside the Billing Address.

They are not “missing.” The program is designed so all fields not essential somewhere for use by the program are custom fields. What is basic to you is needless clutter to others. Many, many versions ago, before this design standard was implemented, forms and lists showed fields that might never be used, and there was no way to get rid of them.

The fields must be identically named on the various forms. They must be checked to show on all the various form types. Can you post some screen shots illustrating that this does not work? Also, what version number are you using?

This is available when you define a new customer. The field is named Delivery address. It does not show on forms where it has no purpose, such as a quote. It shows on a delivery note. The field is an attribute of the customer, not any transaction form.

I completely understand the reasoning. I just added that into my post as a related detail to illustrate the difference between fields like phone number, etc. and a field that really must follow around like Shipping Address. It was definitely not a complaint or even a request for something to change, hence why I noted “this ended up being a non-issue.

They are identical and the setup is below. I am using version 18.7.6.


Just in case, I checked “Show custom field as column” to see if that would make it copy, although Shipping Address is something we definitely do not want as a column.

Now with the following customer:

Creating a sales order with that customer does the following…

Note that the Shipping address field did not copy over.

I do not see a Delivery address field when I create a new customer (see prior customer screenshot). Perhaps I have an incorrect setting?

Additionally, it does have a purpose on forms such as quotes because we often quote shipping costs along with the items we are selling. Then it should also show on the order form so when we send a PDF order confirmation to customers, the customer ensures it is going to be sent to the right address, and should show on invoices so the customer’s accounting department knows where the goods were sent.

I’m reading here that sometime this month a new API is supposed to be released. I’m almost wondering if it might be easier to integrate our website with Manager and eliminate a lot of these issues once the new API is released (don’t want to code it twice) as we receive many of our orders and requests for quote online off of our website. That way, information is entered through the website control panel but, for accounting purposes, is reflected in Manager.

Your problems are simple and understandable. Let me make three points.

First, custom fields for customers do not show on the edit screen for transactions. But if you view the completed form, they appear at the bottom. The reason is that only fields considered essential to the transaction appear on the edit screen. Since, in your case, the custom field was associated with the customer, it wasn’t deemed essential. See below:

When copied to a sales quote (or other transaction):

The implication here is that, if you will only ship to one address for a customer, you can use a custom field for the customer. But if you might ship to multiple addresses or want the shipping address to be editable while completing a transaction, you should define the custom field for the form, not the customer.

Second, custom fields for forms will copy, if defined correctly. Because you didn’t specify the type of custom field you were referring to, but stressed they had the same name, that led me to think you were talking about custom fields on forms, not for the customer. The things I said about content carrying forward for fields of the same name apply to transaction form custom fields. (Customers are not transactions, they are subsidiary ledgers of Accounts receivable.) As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, I suspect a transaction form custom field for shipping address will best suit your needs.

Third, the first link in your first post was to a topic four years old. When that feature was added, the field was named Delivery address. That is what I was referring to. This customer attribute appears only after the Delivery Notes tab is enabled. Be careful, though. Do not enable Delivery Notes just to get the delivery address. There are bigger ramifications of using that tab. See Manager Cloud and the caution it contains.

Thank you for the clarifications - I really appreciate it!

Most of our customers regularly ship to one address but occasionally will ship to a different address. This makes things more complicated… I suppose I could make a custom template to show the shipping address of the customer if the shipping address field in the transaction (quote, order, etc.) is left blank, although that prevents seeing which address is associated with the customer without viewing the customer window separately.

Since we do require packing lists, I may enable the Delivery Notes section and use that. I’m going to go through the program next week with our accounting department to get some input on the best way to set it up.