Diary / Calendar

I wonder if you would consider this feature request?
Would it be possible to integrate a diary / Calendar?

My use case…(i am in the motorcycle service industry)

A customer calls for a price on a service/repair, i create a quote and if accepted i then print off that quote (i use the quote as a kind of job card) then book the job in for a particular day and time.

At the moment i write on a calendar and also enter notes such as which day they would like to collect etc.
It would be great if this feature could be built in on a separate tab that would link with quotes.

I understand this is fairly industry specific and not about accounting (though i would have thought everyone would need to book a date or time slot?), but i think this would be a fantastic addition.

Thoughts from anyone ?

I have 2 friends now using Manager and my accountant is also very impressed, i cannot recommend this program enough!

Thanks @lubos @tony and whoever else behind the scenes for making a superb program!


I am a consultant and would love to book jobs in manager. Additionally I have several clients that are attorneys, who I have set up using manager for their book keeping. Their biggest complaint is not having a calender and the ability to set job deadlines or mile stones on a calendar etc… I know for a fact that just in my market, 20-25 attorneys would have me buy and install the server edition if there was a calendar.

So I wholeheartedly second this request.