Calendar - For Booking resource use - Invoice Accordly

Hi All

It would be nice if there was a Calendar that we could book in future work - leave - accommodation- resource use.

So we could see if a room / resource was available or booked for a day etc.

It would also be nice if we could use it for invoicing for the use of the room etc.

What do other people use. We currently use google calendar, but it would be nice if it was all in once place.

Thanking you all in advance.

Because Manager is an accounting system (not a CMS, booking system, CRM, etc) there are certain features that it does not have, and is not likely to ever have. My guess is that this falls into that category.

Your best bet would be to build a custom solution for your booking needs and connect it to the Manager API, or find an “off-the-shelf” (pre-existing) solution that also has API access and connect that to Manager. Both options would likely require hiring a local professional if you do not have the technical knowledge yourself.

Thanks for your Reply Shane, I have never written an API, but hey its all about learning.

But I still think it would be a great feature to add. Or a link to Google calendars.

Hi all

Its almost been a year, has anyone else gone down this road or have a solution.

@ShaneAU’s comment from 9 months ago is still valid. Since then, there have been many new accounting features added. But no move towards resource scheduling or personal calendar capabilities. There are too many established apps on the market for things like that to think that Manager, as an accounting program, will move in that direction.

It great that you post so quickly Tut and your General help.