Time tracking

I really love your software - thanks for it!

Is there the possibility to track time? I know of “billable time” but with a few additional features it would be awesome.

E.g. a starting time and and ending time. So lets say I worked today from 8:20 am to 1:45 pm. Now manager calculates the duration I worked on the project / for the customer by itself. Plus there should be the additional function to print these time-overviews per customer (some of my customers want an overview when I send them an invoice).

Is anything like this planned or even possible yet?

Thanks a lot!

This hasn’t been highlighted as a future feature as yet.
Currently though, to enter the Billable Time are you using a source document such as a timesheet.
Then that time could be transferred to a Project Work Sheet or Project Card for your customer’s view

Thanks for your fast reply!
I am not sure if I correctly understand what you mean. The timesheet should be an external sheet (eg in Excel)? And the Project Work Sheet or Project Card? Are these part of manager.io?

Thanks a lot.

No, these could also be excel or pre-printed on cards.
Your timesheets would probably include several clients, so you would transfer client times to a specific clients sheet/card .

It would be cool to be able to track it with manager.io though.
Is there a way to request this feature?


The only thing Manager does not do that you’ve requested is calculate billable time from entered start and stop times. When you use the Billable Time tab, invoices already show each billable time entry by date and description. They don’t automatically show the employee, but some companies might not want to reveal who is working on which parts of a project. You could include the employee’s name in the description if desired.

If you want a customer summary other than an invoice, search the Billable Time register for that customer, sort as desired, then export and print. Or import to a spreadsheet and play whatever games you want.

I’ve used many electronic timekeeping products over the years designed to support billing of services, and all of them required entry of elapsed time per entry by project, not start and stop times. So Manager is not unusual in that respect. The only systems I’ve personally encountered that recorded actual start and stop times were old-fashioned time clocks or their more modern equivalents. The focus of those systems is typically on recording attendance, not allocating billable time by customer/project.

When systems like that are used for minute-to-minute time allocation, they require direct access of employees to the timekeeping system in real time. In other words, they don’t allow someone to sign on at the end of the day and try to remember the hour and minute they started and stopped each activity. They require the employee to be logged on, with proper ID and password, at the beginning and end of each task. Some even require scanning an employee badge for each task. All pretty cumbersome and not really in keeping with a skinny system like Manager. If you need that capability, you are probably better off purchasing a stand-alone system rather than giving all your employees access to your main accounting tool. But that’s a personal/business choice.

Me too interested in app to track time :slight_smile: