Details on invoices

Why do my invoices have - Less: Bank Receipt or Less: Cash Receipt followed by the date?This has only just started happening.
An example is:

Sub-total 203.00
VAT 20% 40.60
Total 243.60
Less: Bank Receipt — 16/03/2018 243.60
Balance due 0.00

I have the same with cash payments

Sub-total 40.00
VAT 20% 8.00
Total 48.00
Less: Cash Receipt — 29/03/2018 48.00
Balance due 0.00

This is happening on all invoices, new and historic.
How can I remove this?

Thanks in advance for any help.

please read the below topic.

This is just a more detailed annotation than was previously provided by the mysterious Amount credited label. The line and number were always there.

If you really want to get rid of it, that will require a custom theme with a bunch of conditional logic in the section that loops through the table.totals array. But that’s beyond the scope of this forum.

That has completely flummoxed me. I will just carry on as it is. (tech not my speciality)

Remember that these do not appear when you send a new invoice to a customer, unless there has been a credit waiting to be applied in that customer’s account. In that case, I’m sure the customer would be happy to see it. The point of the increased information is to make it more obvious which payments or credits have been applied after the fact. That can also be useful if you get a partial payment and need to resend the invoice as a reminder.