Desktop Error "Operation not supported on this platform"

After upgrading my windows 10 with newer patch. Manager starts showing some abrupt error “Operation not supported on this platform”. Please help, I need this to solve on an immediate basis. Attache dis the error message for the same.
Manager Error

What version of Manager are you using?
When does the error happen?

I am using the latest one Manager v20.8.28. It started after upgrading Windows 1903.

Which version of Windows do you use now? Windows10 version 2004?
What info does [Windows Specifications] give you? Go to [Start]-Settings]-[System]-[Info]. You may need to scroll, to see the information.
My wild guess is that it can be related to the .net framework. Please go to [Start]-[Update and security]-[Windows Update]. Have a new search for updates.
Check also the history of the updates. The latest update of the .net framework should show here. In my case it starts with “2020-07 Cumulatieve update voor .NET Framework 3.5 en 4.8 etc.”

@pulakitrana, tell us exactly what you do that triggers this error, not “It started after upgrading Windows 1903.” Based on what you have written so far, we do not know what operation is supposedly not supported.

I have no idea what triggered this. Considerably it was working fine till Aug 2nd, I upgraded my windows and this error is occurring again and again.

@ries thanks for the info probably the reason could be this. So, I manually installed the update. Still the issue pertains. Have to reset the Windows might be the last option which I am certainly avoiding. Meanwhile I am open to any other options, if any.

Why, then, do you believe it has anything to do with Manager? The error message you showed is not from Manager. It could have been triggered by any process running in Windows at the time. If you believe it was triggered by Manager, you must have been doing something at the time. Otherwise, you would be asking us to believe this is a spontaneous event.

Could you please answer the questions above? Is it possible for you to make screenshots? Just wondering what is causing your problem.

I know this could have been triggered by windows itself. I just meant to ask in this forum that with the latest update do anyone else also facing the same issue. Adding to this does manager require any further changes to be made in future updates, if windows has changed some files here and there.

That is an impossible question to answer. Who knows what changes might be made to Windows?

Have you considered doing a “System Restore” to a point prior to Aug 2 ?