Desktop Edition Vs Server Edition

Good Morning Mr Lubos,
I love very much the Server Edition but i dont like the features. hence would like to recommend having the desktop edition to have the features of the server edition. Mr Lubos if the features of server edition can be put in the desktop edition, the system can be very good or if you dont want to can you please do it for some one who would want to have such features so that instead of buying the server edition one can simply buy the desktop edition with the server edition in it specifically made for him.

I can tell you that the features of the Server Edition can’t be added to the Desktop Edition as the Server Edition is multi user and the Desktop Edition is only single user.

Besides the Desktop Edition is free, so you can’t buy it.

Besides multiple users, the only aspect of the server edition not available on the desktop edition is remote access via the web. Even that may be handled, depending on your operating system and setup, with a remote access capability on your desktop machine.

What features don’t you like that you think would be different on the desktop edition? Both editions are identical except for multi-users.