Are the features and Languages on the Server Edition same as the Desktop Edition?

I am currently using the desktop edition which I am happy with (Thank you for making it free), but I would like to add more users, hence my need for the Server Edition. I am willing to pay the price for the Server Edition which seems very reasonable for a software I am familiar with. BUT I am wondering if the Server Edition has all the same features as the desktop edition and if it has multiple languages, particularly the Arabic Language. I will be adding a couple of new users who very much need to use it in Arabic, so does the Server Edition have arabic language and if so, can different users use different languages? for example the Sales manager sees everything in arabic while the inventory manager sees everything in english (Not counting the records)?

Thank you very much.

The features are the same but language is set globally which means all users will see the same language.

Oh, isnt it possible to have different languages for different users? I have to use english while other users have to use arabic, its kind of necessary.

There are a few reasons language cannot be set per user. Some are technical, some are practical. Why do you need to use Manager in English while all other users would use it in Arabic? Why not make everybody use it in Arabic including yourself?