I want to change from cloud edition to server edition

I want to change from cloud edition to server edition

Well, have you installed server edition?

Not yet. how do I do please guide

Go to the Guides page at the top of the forum. Near the bottom are instructions, which depend on your operating system:

After install Server edition how to host

You will need some local IT person to help with that. It depends on your network topology to determine the best way to deploy. That’s why it’s better to sign up for cloud edition instead. It just works without any technicalities.

@nbunpa if you should need help to set up just contact me, i can hook you up remotely to support - depending of time and effort maybe a small fee applies.

@lubos: first of all thanks for this cool software as it is really cool. Here a question from my side:
for the server edition is that having the same features as the licensed edition? or are there some features more available after purchasing. As of now I have the trial version installed but noticed on the first glance that there some differences compared to the desktop version.

Also are all templates full editable?

Sry. if that was asked already.


What differences?

Yes, they are. See: [16.11.24] Added ability to create custom themes