Desktop edition customization

Hi. Its really a nice piece of accounting system.
We would like to propose this to our clients but of’course with charges to them.
If we buy the server edition, we could use it with desktop edition too. But is it possible to remove/edit the top menu SUPPORT links.?
Means, once we bought the server edition, we dont want the client came to know, there is a free desktop edition for them.
Please advise…

Currently Support tab doesn’t show on cloud or server editions at all.

However, it’s going to be possible to have your contact details under Support tab in near future. So your clients won’t find references to They will be able to see your contact details such as website, email, telephone etc.


Hi Lubos.
Nice to hear that possible in future.
For time being, is it possible for us to do this via any script alterations on desktop editions?

It all comes down to activation code. If you want to distribute desktop edition to your clients, you can supply them your activation code which will make details under Support tab yours. No reference to

We will start issuing custom activation codes sometime next week so “near future” is nearer than you think.


Nice. We waiting for that option please… :slight_smile:

I only just noticed today (after upgrading) that the ‘About’ tab no longer appears for Server Edition. I’m assuming this is what you’re referring to here when you mention the Support tab.

My main issue with this is that I can no longer verify which version of Manager is being run on the Server from the frontend.

My process for updating was:

  1. Replace the Manager server file with the new one
  2. Restart the manager-server service
  3. Log back in and confirm that the version number had changed

I look forward to being able to do Step 3 again. It sounds like it might only be a week or two away, when custom activation codes become available?

If the ‘Support’ and ‘About’ tabs are two different things - then it’s possible there’s an entirely unrelated bug causing the About tab to no longer show up.

looking at the link available on website the version number still shows on the support page.
have a look Free Accounting Software | Manager

i did not check on my end though.

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Hmm, thanks @sharpdrivetek for the link. However, I think that is the Desktop Edition only.

Server Edition seems to use a “Product Key” (rather than “Activation Key”) and it is a much longer number.

It looks like the ‘Support’ tab is a completely new feature that came as part of this new way of activating (I hadn’t updated my Desktop Edition yet, and so I hadn’t noticed it)… and it looks like it has replaced the ‘About’ tab that we used to have:

Just updated Desktop Edition as I was writing this, and it seems I was correct. The ‘Support’ tab is a new one that completely replaces the old ‘About’ tab:

However, currently neither of them appear on Server Edition (as per lubos’ comment, and because I can see on my server that it doesn’t) … so we cannot currently tell which version we are running:

So, I’ll wait for the ‘Support’ tab to be enabled on Cloud/Server Editions. That should solve my issue, as it looks like the new ‘Support’ tab has the version number on it :smiley:

Just a quick note to say that the lack of a version number on Server and Cloud Edition (as mentioned by me above) is no longer an issue.

Unsure when it was implemented, but both editions now display the version number below the Businesses list. This means that it is once again very easy to check that the correct version is installed after an update.