Customization for Server version

Hi Mates,
are there any possibility to customize the server application like desktop version, change icon ,edit contacts,remove guide page link.

Have a look at

It explains how to rebrand desktop edition but the same will work on server edition too.

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Hello, is there a rebrand process for Ubuntu Server Edition? The outline given above appears to be limited to Windows systems only.

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You can work with following files:

  • Support.html (this is content of Support tab, delete if you don’t want Support tab to show at all)
  • Guides.json (delete if you don’t want links to guides to be shown in server edition)
  • Manager.ico (favicon which you can replace for your own)
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Tremendous, thank you.
Two things:

  1. Support Tab appears to be available only to administrators not restricted users.
  2. Updated Manager.ico not displayed. Confirmed size, location and permissions OK. Suspect caching issue?