Not able to see "About Manager"

Hi @lubos,

After the update to my server edition version 17.10.77 , i am not able to see “About Manager” which sits next to the ‘Preferences’


The About Manager was changed to Support recently.
Currently Support tab doesn’t show on cloud or server editions at all.

Please read the below topic.

But is there a way i can determined my current version?
As it always helps to cross check for the latest updates.

If you are running Windows OS, just open the Task Manager and open Properties for ManagerServer.exe
you will find the version listed under the Details tab.

The Server edition is not installed on my system.
I am using it on the browser.

ok. then i am afraid you will have to wait until there is any further update from the developer.


The reasoning behind this change is that if you are using the cloud edition, you are always up to date. If you are the administrator of the server edition, you have the ability to check the version. If you are not the administrator of the server edition, you cannot update the software anyway, so you have no need to know the version. It is controlled by someone else.

Hi @Sarika, this was discussed recently in another topic, where I discovered the same issue after updating my copy of Server Edition. After restarting the service, it was part of my process to log in and verify that the version number showed an update.

More details here (from this post downwards):

Previously, all editions had an ‘About’ tab.
Now, this has been removed from all editions and replaced by ‘Support’ on the Desktop Edition only.

In the near future, we are expecting to have the ‘Support’ tab implemented on Cloud/Server Edition, with the added ability to control the contact information that appears there.

The lack of the version number being displayed on the UI is a bit inconvenient, so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

As far as I’m aware, we actually can’t do this at the moment (which is the problem).

We can check the command history to see which version we last downloaded (since the version number is part of the URL). But we can’t actually check to see if that is the version of Manager which is running, or if the previous version is still running.

Replacing the Manager file doesn’t actually seem to take effect until the service is restarted.

Well in that case, we’ll have to wait for the further update from the developer.

@lubos Requesting for a quick fix to this :slight_smile:

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I would like to briefly bump this topic - it’s a little inconvenient no longer having the “About Manager” tab (particularly as the new “Support” tab is also not available on Cloud/Server).

Can we please have somewhere on the interface to view the current version of Manager that is being run? Personally, I’d be satisfied with it at least showing up in the page source somewhere, until the “Support” tab is made available.