Desktop Download Not Working

The files in the latest msi for the desktop version are the wrong files, it contains the server edition setup files.

So, of course it fails to install.

Desktop edition is built on top of server edition so yeah, desktop edition will contain all the files server edition contains.

Maybe you could be more specific what error you get when trying to install.

Ok, sorry. Well, I’ve never had issues with Manager before and I’ve been using it awhile.

I run the installer, click to launch, it says the exe doesn’t exist and surely enough, it doesn’t exist in the install folder. I`m installing on Windows 10 64bit.

Not really sure what the issue is. Anti virus isn’t quaranting files. Always installed fine before.

Is there ManagerDesktop.exe in installation folder?


I’ve even extracted the files from the msi and it’s not there.

I’m not able to reproduce this issue. I have completely uninstalled Manager from my computer, then installed MSI setup file and everything is fine. I’m also using Windows 10 x64.

Ok, thanks. It looks like the issue is with Avast anti virus. It never used to be an issue, but now it appears to delete the ManagerDesktop.exe file on install. I`ve added it to the whitelist. Weird because according to Avast, no file was infected. Anyway, sorry about that.

Hi there. Am new here. Just downloaded the latest Desktop version for Mac 20.6.62
I installed / replaced the last version I had and tried to run the program. But nothing came up. I am working on Catalina updated to latest version.
I would appreciate any help.

Have you followed this guide
Software Version: Install or update desktop edition on macOS

Wow. Thanks for the prompt reply.
I checked all my settings and they are all according to the guide.
I also get the first security warning showcased in the guide. But when I click Open on that warning nothing happens any more. There is not even a process in the Activity Monitor nor the icon in the Dock which would show me that the application is running or going to start.

@Jameson_Cucciardi please try again to download the program. The issue was at our end.

Many thanks :slight_smile: It’s working now.
I’ve been using Desktop version from since I went freelance and I always suggest it to others. Keep up the good work!