Description of expense not showing


In the summary tab, where there are expenses where you drill down, currently its not showing the description even though there is a description in the paid purchase invoice.

I dont know whether something i did something wrong?

I need to improve this part of the program, it’s long overdue. Basically even if you don’t have any explicit description for transaction, the software will need to auto-generate one so it’s never blank.

That would be really helpful… TIA

I believe this is what this topic is about, but I just want to confirm…
You have this great feature where you allow a detailed description by line item which is particularly useful for expense accounts:-
ACCOUNT= Repairs & Maintenance DESCRIPTION =Electrical store, light bulbs $15.00
ACCOUNT= Repairs & Maintenance DESCRIPTION =Hardware store, pain $100.00

Unfortunately, I think I’m right in saying we cannot include these details in a report?