Delivery notes autocomplete

Being new to this program, I am having problems with with Delivery notes being filled out automatically. Anyone know what I should be doing?

Not sure what you mean. So you are saying it is not being filled out automatically? You need to be more detailed about what you expect to be happening and what is actually happening.

My apologies. When I click on Delivery note it is blank and when I select a customer name it puts the name in but rest of form is blank boxes I need to fill out. I thought when I selected a customer it would automatically fill-in the form for the date selected.

No, it doesn’t work like that.

If you want to avoid manually filling out delivery note, you can convert Sales invoice into delivery note. Go to view sales invoice you want to convert, then click Copy to... button and select New Delivery Note.

This will copy all the relevant information from selected invoice to new delivery note.