In relation Sales 'Order' with Delivery Notes tab

First of all, I’m not sure I understand correctly if I’m mistaken please do correct me.

  1. Sales order only hold by Sales department and Warehouse Department.
  2. Delivery notes given to Transporter or Logistic Department.

If I’m Correct about these 2, the Delivery Address, Date, and Instruction suppose to be shown in Delivery Notes, Right? I’m missing Delivery address and Instruction in Delivery Notes. (Take note : Billing address and Delivery Address two different purpose)

Deliver Notes
Not all goods or services we deliver to our customer as per customer tab, sometimes they request the service or goods to their customer (other recipient) or another location that might be their branch but not as per in customer tab billing address. When I leave Customer drop down selection empty, the Address not shown as well. Please make it so the Delivery notes able to pre-polulate as per customer tab info and if the delivery location is not the customer’s location able to fill manually (without the data from customer tab drop down menu) the recipient name and it’s location.

I am not sure what you meant by that. You can select the customer from the drop down menu, replace the customer address with the deliverable address by manually editing the Delivery Address field.

I meant I use copy to function from sales order to Delivery notes. The recipient sometimes is not our customer and it might be theirs. I don’t know is proper to put Customer name in Delivery Notes but the intended delivery is for another recipient specified by our customer.

will you be billing to your customer? If yes, you can select your customer and just enter a different delivery address which includes the recipient name.

True… How about the Delivery Instruction?

you have a Description field and also Notes field to enter any special instructions. this will be printed on your delivery note.

well the flow doesn’t seem right to me if I’m using copy to from Sales order to Delivery notes. What is the point insert the delivery instruction if I can’t copy to the delivery notes?

A delivery address can be set while making the Sales Order itself. This when copied to a Delivery Note will automatically update the delivery address where the goods are to be delivered.

But delivery instructions are supposed to be for internal purposes. you do not need to print the same on a delivery note.

If you really need some instructions to be copied from sales order to delivery note, then you could make use of the Description field when entering a Sales Order. The Description in Sales Order will be copied to the Description field in Delivery Note.