Delivery Notes Issues

I have a few problems with Delivery Notes.

  1. When I select a customer, it does not put in the address of the customer. I have to add that manually.
  2. I cannot select items from inventory - I can only select Sales Invoice Items. As virtually all inventory on hand requires the delivery note, it is essential that I can select products from the inventory.
  3. Would it be possible to add a serial numbers column as this is the whole point of the delivery notes for me. Recording the serial numbers for products delivered.

Delivery notes are very minimal at the moment. They don’t have any autocomplete functionality.

Usually that shouldn’t be issue as typically you would create delivery note from existing invoice, quote or order. Why not do that?

As for serial numbers column, I’m afraid you will need to enter this information in Descriptions column. In future (maybe 1 year from now) it will be possible to use custom fields to add columns and then HTML template to make columns visible on delivery notes.

Oh, I did not realise that I could do that! I have just tested the copy function and it works. I did not realise that it was available for delivery notes. I will use that to do some of the autocomplete.

scrap the idea of a warranty column. If you get the inventory integrated with the delivery notes, then I can use the description column for the serial number as the product details will be in the Product column.