Delivery Note Table section hidden

The item description section is hidden after creating the Delivery Note, if the Item column is empty. I am facing the issue from Today Morning.

You did not select an item to be delivered and as such nothing will display. See Use delivery notes | Manager it is clearly explained that when you decide to use them these are meant to track quantities of inventory items based on delivery.

how about the thing that didn’t save in inventory ?

Dear Eko,

We are using manager for last 3 years without any problems in issuing Delivery note for Non - inventory items. The issue started Today onwards. We are using the system for a non-inventory based deliveries only.

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do you have any idea to solve this problem ?

There’s been another post with the exact issue, but since this functionality was there in earlier versions and I also think that delivery notes legally document goods changing hands, whether they were kept in inventory or not.

I’m moving this to bugs.

Hey, i just found your post and have been facing the exact same issue !, exactly after years this is the 1st time it has happened

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me too

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@Ealfardan, Thank you. Bugs are bugs and should be resolved. A user was adamantly saying otherwise

For Temporary purpose, I just added “General Item” in Inventory items and while issuing the Delivery Note, I have used the “General item” in item column and put my descriptions at Description column.

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You did not select any item not a non-inventory item either. As long as no item is selected you will not be able to see it in the delivery note.

It has always shown before… As per the developer delivery note is a multi-use document, it can be used as packing list/shipping note and what ever the user requires, especially in handling non inventory as well. For the past few years we have used inventory items as well as non-inventory items both. This is most probably a form bug at the back end

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This issue should be fixed in the latest version.

You can go to then click Restart Cloud Server to force the upgrade for yourself.


For me, issue has been resolved now automatically… it’s working fine, same as before.

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