Description not appearing in Delivery Note

Whether I add all the information manually into a new delivery note or copy a sales invoice into a delivery note, nothing appears in the description field.

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I cannot reproduce this problem. Can you post a screen shot of the edit screen for the delivery note you showed? Also, what version are you using?

I have the same problem, when i convert my sales invoice into delivery note it does not show Item names, It only show the quantity. I have to manually write the description field same as my item list to display them. is there anyway the item list automatically added when i click convert sales invoice into delivery note

Hi there

I worked through the problem and realised that when I added new inventory items I added a name but not a description. The delivery note reads the description field not the product name field. So I added the name of the product in the description field of the inventory item and it works.

Hope that helps you too

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@Imran_Shakoor, your confusion comes from the fact that if you do not have a description entered on a sales invoice, the form will substitute the item name. But the same is not true on delivery notes. I am not sure what @lubos’s thinking is one this, but it seems to me that such a substitution on all forms would make sense. I will raise the issue with him.

Item names are mostly meant for internal use. They provide short identifiers for reports. They help searches when creating forms. But they are not primarily meant to be visible to the customer. Anything the customer should see should be in the description, so @BeeNatural’s solution is the correct one until any program change is made.