Delivery Note item name and Description

item show only “Item code” not full detail “Item name”

please resolve bugs

This is not a bug and has nothing to do with the topic in the heading. You should have started a new topic

When you enter a description in the line item, the program display the item code and and the description you entered
When you do not enter a description, it displays the item code and item description if there is one
It displays the item code and item name otherwise

@mastertrading, your post was moved to a new topic because it is unrelated to the one where you posted it.

It is not clear what your complaint is, because your two screen shots look identical.

You are also using a custom theme. You are responsible for performance of a custom theme.

@mastertrading new versions are going to be showing what you see in edit form. It means, if your item name already contains all the information, there is no need for Description. You should leave Description field empty. I’m wondering if this would be a problem.


In item Name we write different name of One products So we can find Products Easily in same way we add more than 1000 products
But in Description show only one standard Name
It very Difficult to edit all products items Name and Description
Please Resolve Issue or Restore previous Setting .
Awaiting Positive Feedback

You are using these features in reverse. The item name is meant to be a short name that appears on reports. The description is meant to be the detailed information.

@mastertrading fair enough. Here is how I think it should be approached. Starting point should be that what you see on Edit screen should be as close as possible to View screen.

Item name shows on edit screen so it will be correct to show it on view screen by default. However, I agree with you that item name field is useful for lookup and not necessarily what you want to show to your customers. I’m working on a solution to this issue.

In the latest version (22.7.5), item name will show under Item column on printed documents. However you can specify on individual items whether item name should be visible.

If you want to hide item name from customers or suppliers, then there is new checkbox on item edit forms.



Hi @lubos this new feature is quite useful. But I tried, it applies to Delivery Note only, not the Invoice. Is there a way?

thanks for Update
but its very time taking job to amendment all more than 1200 items to
please give Some Solution which we can amend it easily

please update

Have you tried using Batch Update?

i try but cant apply

Please provide details of what failed to apply, i.e. give us details including screenshots about the batch-update process / steps you applied and where it seems to have failed including details of the error(s) you encountered.

can you please tell me detail method of batch update

All relevant information is at Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager