Deleting Custom Field

Hi there, new user here.

So me and my co-worker are learning to use Manager. Currently had a problem in deleting a custom field made for sale invoices, it was just a text. The error message was I cannot delete it while it is still referenced by already made sales invoices. I need to delete or edit those first in order to remove the custom field. FYI some invoices were paid in full, so I believe I can’t edit or delete that record, it seems impossible to delete any custom field made, and by further reading related threads this is by design.

To solve this issue I just edited the custom field and deleted the text or just un-tick the show when printed option. Is there any better way to solve this, all future sales invoice will still have this empty, wrong, not used custom field.

Edit: Never mind, there’s an ‘inactive’ option to set this custom field to false.

You can always edit an existing invoice in Manager - so you edit the invoices which have the custom field and delete the text in the custom field

Once this is done you can then delete the custom field

At least that how I think it works

Was the information in the custom field critical for the invoices on which it was used? That is, will the removal of the information shown in the custom field of those invoices invalidate them or alter their meaning? If not, do as @Joe91 said and simply set the field to blank in the invoices where it was used; once all references are removed, you can delete the custom field.

In my case I can’t edit the offending field, it was the label, the app does not allow me to edit that inside the invoices.

No, it was not critical, it’s a just a text, but anyway the author gave a solution in the app and I wrote it in my original post. I either have to erase and put an empty string to replace the text or put that custom field as ‘inactive’.

But thank both of you for trying to help me, appreciate it.