After update have Inventory items added with no fields filled

After the last update one of my businesses suddenly have 284 inventory items with no fields filled in. Is there a way to bulk delete them? I have this module active but never used it on this business.

I will try to implement bulk-delete for imported items sometime this week. I assume these inventory items must have been created by import function.

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No I have the modules enabled but never added any items. I was updating payment when i saw there suddenly was 284 inventory items is never created.

Any update on a way to bulk delete inventory. I have now imported inventory of suppliers price list and when we received the invoices realized that the price list codes and part numbers are just guideline and not what you get on the invoice. I now have to delete or remove 400 Inventory items I imported. Is there a way to bulk delete or remove inventory items?

The latest version has Batch delete button in bottom-right corner. Just be careful with it and probably you might want to make a backup before using that function.

Batch delete button can delete only items which have never been used by any invoice, order, quote etc.

Thank you