Reference Number Sorting (Again)

Hi, i’m using Server version, and still I have problem in the Reference Number sorting in various module: Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice, etc.

Should be fixed in the latest version (23.3.30)

hi, i think something is wrong here.

The sorting is messed up.

I posted similar to this but it was fine. But what happened now is too messed up.

How is it messed up - it is sorted in descending order alphabetically

@ibadlon, your references are not numerical.

the sorting is indeed descending order. however, as you see from 149 it jumped to 136 and 135 jumped to 119. there are invoices in between which are sorted somewhere else.

understood, but does is not suppose to be sorted alphanumerical?

@ibadlon in this case you will need to adopt DD-MM-YY date format. Not just D-MM-YY. Then your sorting will work properly.

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References are not numerical as some people prefer to include text in the reference box.

thank you. solved.