Default Footers

Hello. Is there a way to set default footers to Invoices, Quotes, Receipts etc? So that they load when I click New Invoice, New Quote etc. I would not want to have to add footers every single time I create a document. This worked well with the custom fields.

Sales Invoices>Form Defaults(in the bottom)>(select)Footers

Awesome! Thanks. Did not see this before.

Ok so I set up the default footers, but they were clashing with the custom fields I did before and showing duplicate information - the text I entered in the custom fields and now the same text I am entering in the footers. I disabled the custom fields but now the default footers are not showing on my previous invoices and because I disabled the custom fields that were showing duplicates on new invoices now the old invoices have none of the required information in them. This has now changed the look of previously generated invoices and removed previous notations. Can you advise?

It will be very tedious to go through 700 invoices and reset footers manually.

I would start by looking at the capability described in this section of the guides

Batch Operations: Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Use the Batch Delete function | Use the Batch View function

However in the future an enhanced version of find & replace maybe an alternative