Default Backup location

Is it possible to have the backup location set as a default? It would be useful so that all backups go to the same location? Whilst I appreciate that the operating system determines the last location used, It would be a useful addition to be able to set this in the default settings.

That will not work because the program works on different operating systems and through different browsers.

Sorry, but I am only familiar with Windows. Could this not be done through a registry entry at installation time? I appreciate that this is a cross-platform product. Are there similar option in Mac OS and Linux?

There was recently an awesome “project update” post about backups. I can’t find specifically where it is located (it was in an email that came from subscribing to here, right down the bottom right: Free Accounting Software | Manager )

You could generally look at the guides: Guides | Manager

I have been planning to create a thread about it specifically because I’d like to see a better way of automating the whole process, but I’ll get into that specifically in my post (later).

What you could do is create a scheduled backup of the dataset yourself (since you say you use windows) using windows scheduler!

I have an automated process in place (cron jobs in linux) which does this, and it works well, but it would be nice to have something between automation and the backup button (automation risks attempting to save an open file and missing a transaction, backup button relies on user intervention).

Not intending to sidetrack, I really just wanted to point out the project update, but a cursory search can’t seem to locate anywhere that it may appear in the forums or on the website (I’m sure it must be though).

I think you are remembering the recent article in the newsletter. There is no accessible archive.