Default backup location on Linux

I am using Manager on Debian 11 with KDE as my desktop, every time I close manager and reopen it at a later date, when I go to backup my business I have to go and select my backup folder, I does not remember were I saved my last backup. It opens the home directory every time. I remember when I was using Windows this was not issue, it remembered my backup folder every time.

This is quite annoying and I think that we should be able to set a default backup folder in the settings.

@Ben7230, I certainly hope you are not backing up to a folder on the same machine where you are running the program. If you do, you will lose your backup when (not if) your drive eventually fails.

Therefore, your desire for a default backup folder is not just a folder, but a path to a remote storage device or service.

@Tut my backup folder is on the same hard drive, however that folder is backed up to the cloud automatically.

That is correct