Decimal Export Problem On Mac

I have searched forums regarding the decimal problem with Mac and issues with the 1000’s separator not being recognised when exporting certain files to Excel, being a comma as in R1,500.53.

In this case I have exported my Inventory List, wanting to filter qty’s and values of each category. The problem comes when I copy paste the exported tsv file into Excel the numbers such as above are not taken into account as being a numerical value. I have tried multiple things such as format to text, then back to number, changing user preferences on the OS, but still no luck.

I have over 400 line items and it seems the only solution is only to have them manually changed for it to be recognised. I hope I am making sense.

I realise this is an issue with possibly Excel for Mac or it could be that I can export the file from Manager differently? Is there a way to change the number formats before export from Manager? Any ideas or solutions will be welcomed.

Thank you.

So what would be ideal solution? If Manager would simply omit thousand separator on export, correct?

That should work I believe, if possible, yes.