Debit Note showing in Suspense

I have made two debit note to my supplier and one inventory write off

when i click Summary - Suspense, it shows one debit note 10 times repeated entry as attached bellow

i tried to solve this issue, i couldn’t. what is the reason.
But that makes no changes in my account.

Items in Suspense represent unbalanced entries. That is, debits and credits did not match or were not identified completely, so Manager did not know where to put them. It looks like what happened is that you made an entry and, when things did not change as you suspected, you entered it 9 more times trying to make something happen.

Go back to the first entry and be sure you have fully identified the account involved. Delete all the other transactions.

The reason the account balance did not change is that the transactions were all for AED 0.00. Either you didn’t have a price entered or you didn’t enter a quantity, or something similar.

Also, the register says these transactions were Spend Money transactions from a bank or cash account. That isn’t the same as a debit note. A debit note records a credit issued to you by your supplier. It is not something you issue to the supplier.

Can you show screenshot of debit note and inventory write-off how it was entered?

Thanks for your reply,

when I delete one items, all disappeared. Now the problem is solved but i don’t how it happened. Please find bellow the screen shots of debit note and write off

The debit note you show does not seem to have anything to do with the entries in your Suspense account that you were complaining about. What is it? How is it related to your problem? No one can help you if you describe one problem and show examples from something else.

Also, your inventory write-off must be allocated to an appropriate account, not left as Suspense.