Debit and credit balance for bank


I would like to see an option for displaying debit, credit and running balance period wise for bank accounts . It is very tedious to copy all the transactions to excel. In the current scenario, the balance does appear, but upon sorting date wise, the balance column disappears.

What you say is true, but there is no need to sort by the Date column. When in the Bank Accounts tab, click on either Statement balance or Actual balance for an account automatically brings up a date-sorted list, with the running balance.

Also, if you want a date-restricted list, you can copy only the relevant lines from the Export window. You don’t need to copy the entire transaction list. The problem, guessing about what you want based on what you wrote, is that the exported file does not include the running balance. But there is a way around that, too.

You can actually select and copy data directly from the screen list that shows the balance, rather than exporting it. Because you are selecting the result of HTML code, you can’t exactly control what is selected. So you’ll have to move contents of cells in one of the rows after pasting into a spreadsheet. But all the numbers you want will be there. It is crude, but it works.

would really like to see a date or set period filter for banks and cash accounts.