Bank report

Dears how i can export bank or any report before i was take it from summery now is change when i go to summary and click in any account shown only for me amount no debit no credit no balance any help

If I understand what you are saying, this is not true. Click any blue balance on the Summary page and you will see a list of what contributes to it. If the account you have clicked is a control account, like Cash at bank, you will see a list of subaccounts, like Bank account A, Bank account B, and so forth. Click on one of their balances and you will see individual transactions.

Dear i am wright i click before on summery and it was shown to me debit credit balance now no
how to genretae report with debit and credit and balance each one column not in one column

The presentation has changed slightly so you have positive or negative Amount and a running Balance. Positive and negative amounts can be debits or credits according to the type of account and display choices made elsewhere. Many users are confused by debits and credits.

Previously, there were also inconsistencies in the program. Some pages showed positive and negative amounts, while others showed debits and credits. Now they are standardized.

Honestly, I don’t even know why I made it single Amount column rather than Debit, Credit columns. I do not actually have strong opinion on this. Will think about this.

why you dont go to Receipts & Payments
in the search box put your account name or bank name
and you will have it ready
instead of debit / credit it says Amount received / Amount paid
but i dont think it will be a problem just rename it after export

because we love it like that,

i can confirm i am one of many users