Date issue

While issuing the invoice with multiple items, the income is generating on same date of invoice issuance, but the same invoice is updating with new date and entering in new date. such as issuing the invoice in august 17 , and same invoice updating and adding type in September 2, then the income going to generate in august not adding the item into Sep.

can we add date for every type and item, and delete the main date option

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If I understood your request, I think you’re suggesting a different date per line. This isn’t possible since this means each invoice will have multiple GL entries at different dates.

What do you mean by this, @Arif_Pk? The issue date of an invoice in Manager will not change unless you edit it.

But, when generating the profit loss statement, profits are going to old month… needed to generate the all profit in entered month… invoice type date may be old month, but same invoice is updating in upcoming months…

Same August Generated Invoice is updating with other discriptions in September. while generating the profit loss statement profits are going to August. how to calculate it in Sep. pls Advice me :+1:

Please show the edit screen of the invoices in question

Are you using cash or accrual accounting?

Create a separate invoice for September.

I think you’re confusing the document (Invoice) with a sales register. The invoice is a single document to establish debt on the part of the customer. Each invoice is a self sufficient and complete document that shouldn’t be changed once issued. In many countries that is the law.

What you’re currently trying to do is to use a single invoice as a sales register. Sales registers are not a feature of Manager and you shouldn’t use the invoice as a substitute since it’s intended to work that way and it’s probably illegal in your country.

There are alternatives, however:

In any case, each entry or document within Manager can only have one date.

Yes. @Joe91 Iam using Accural accounting

@Ealfardan gave you excellent information. Maybe checking What are accruals? | AccountingCoach will help a bit with understanding what is happening when using accrual accounting in Manager.