Can one add a date to each inventory item?

We have a dog walking business and itemise each walk on a monthly statement - by date,

Is there any facility to be able to do this in Manager?

You really shouldn’t be using inventory to account for services. Inventory is meant to account for goods held for sale or production.

But you can create sales invoice items which would be perfect. Read about them in the Guides.

Have found the sales item screen thanks . Will I be able to assign a date to each sales invoice item?

I agree it is not good practice to use inventory to sell services - it it seemed the only solution .

Any further thoughts appreciated

The sales invoice date is assigned when you create the sales invoice. But you can add as many lines to the invoice as you want. For example, you create a sales invoice on January 31st. On it, you have 4 line items, each one for the sales invoice item “Dog Walk,” which you have created under Settings, with a standard price. For each line item, you can edit the standard Description field to include a specific date. If you walked the dog 2 times in one day, you can also change the quantity. You can apply discounts, too, or overwrite the standard price for a specific customer. Sales invoice items are just shortcuts for creating invoices with commonly sold items. A nice thing about them is that they automatically allocate to your predetermined income account. (You can also link them to inventory items for commonly sold goods, but that is not your situation.)

Hi thanks for the quick responses.
I understand your comments but it is a shame one cannot have automatic dating of each invoice line.
Ok consider this item closed for now.

The only ways to do that are through Billable Time or Billable Expenses. When a sales invoice is created from those tabs, dates are automatically included for each entry. Billable Time would be appropriate if you charge an hourly rate for dog walks. You can enter variable rates, indicate the person charging the time, and record time down to the minute. But if you charge a fixed rate per dog walk, you could not really use this tab unless you arbitrarily indicated a time for the walk. It would still show on the sales invoice as X.XX hours. Billable Expenses are only appropriate when you buy something on behalf of the customer and pass the charges through for reimbursement.

Hi Thanks for the feedback - we are getting closer to a solution. An issue I have come across is that the billable sales invoice does not show the custom text I had set up on the sales invoice ( methods of payment) How can I get it onto the billable invoice?


If you have created a custom view template for sales invoices, you can edit a sales invoice created from the Billable Time or Billable Expenses module after it is created. The View Template dropdown selection box is the last field on the sales invoice screen.