Recurring Dates changing

Is it possible to override the date set for the recurring run
The problem is the date is set for say the 28th of the month and there are 120 invoices in the run the 28th falls on a Sunday so ideally the run should be done on the Friday but that means to change all 120 invoice dates to make the run and then change them back again. this is especially tedious in the months that are ending on 30 days and february

The second problem is when the run is to be done one cannot untick an invoice not to be run


  1. You could change the invoice date before generating the 120 invoices

  2. This would be a great feature

  3. don’t mix two requests in the same thread - oops, now I’ve done it :slight_smile:

Only by editing every recurring transaction.

The number of days in months is not relevant to your question. The same thing can happen no matter how many days a month has.

The next issue date should be modified before generating recurring invoices. Or the recurring invoice should be deleted. See Set up and manage recurring sales invoices | Manager. The point is to separate the acts of defining recurring invoices from creating them.

Thx for your response

Can this be added as a new feature

Why ? Without knowing what you are invoicing does it matter.

Take Bank Statements as an example, the last day of the month could be on a Saturday or Sunday. The banks don’t make the statement date the last Friday just because that’s the last business day of the month.

It does not matter what you invoice but say you invoice monthly fees of the same amount every month there need to be a cutoff point because the invoice need to be with the client before the end of the month especially when posted
Since the end of the month not always falls on the same day and the weekend are to be taken into account it would have been nice to choose when to do the run without having to change each individual recurring date. In fact it will be easier in setting up as well if the date of the run is not predetermined

If they are fixed fees (same amount every month) then use the 1st of the month instead of the end.

The point being, your invoice description - fees for the month of xxxx - tells the customer about the charge, not the date on the invoice.

E.G. - A business could date their invoices the 15th or 20th (a cut off point) as “the invoice needs to be with the client before the end of the month especially when posted”.

Hi Brucanna

That is true the problem is the date that appears on the invoice

If the date on the statement can be different from the recurring date the problem will be solved

Yes we can use the description but we also find that people do not read properly

The invoice date also have ramifications in the financial system if the invoice is dated on the 20th of the month for the next month the system picks it up as sales for that month while the invoice is actually for the next month it also reports the age analysis incorrectly

How do you imagine recurring invoices would work if there were not a date for the next invoice? You do not receive notification a recurring invoice is due until the date you have set arrives. The notice remains until you issue or cancel the invoice. The idea that you could, on some random date, run invoices that are not due yet makes no sense.

One thing you could do, however, is set recurring invoices to be due on a date in advance of when you want to send them, say the 20th. You can then run them on any date afterwards.

You can edit the date to be anything you want, even a date in the future. For Summary purposes, Manager will ignore such a future-dated invoice until its issue date arrives, as long as the Summary period is set to end Today.

Everything related to aging (status displays, reports, etc.) works from the due date, not the issue date.

I did a year end and then discovered that when doing a recurring run on the 20 for the next month is actually included in the income for the month the run is done
This causes a problem at the beginning of the year and the end on the financial year
Keeping in mind the reason for recurring billing is to get the invoices out before the end of the month for the next month
It would be good to be able to have an invoice date and an Issue date i.e. the issue date can be the 20th while the invoice date is the first of the month which is financial more correct
The issue date has no effect on the the financial side

I am not certain that issuing future dated invoices is good accounting practice but I’m sure it happens

The issue date is merely an action date that has no accounting implication the invoice date is the important one
I would suggest that the present issue date is changed to the invoice date and an additional issue date is added that only controls the recurring issuing

This will give more control over the recurring process

@restdev, your posts mix terminology. There are currently only two dates on the sales invoice form: Invoice date and Due date. You mention “issue date” several times as though that is something on the form. It is not. And then you write about the issue date as though it is something to be added. Please use consistent terminology so people will know what you are suggesting.

I do not see why this is an issue. Invoices are often sent and received in advance of when they are due. Yes, under accrual basis accounting, this has an effect on income at the end of the reporting period. But it also has the opposite effect on income at the beginning of the next reporting period.

How would it complicate your business if you issued recurring invoices on the first of the month with invoice dates for the first of the month and due dates 10 days later? If you must have receipts by the first, you are going to have to send invoices earlier to give customers time to respond.

Funny, I was just thinking about this the other day when setting up some recurring sales invoices that I want to go out on the last day of each month.

It would indeed be nice under the ‘Next issue Date’ or Interval fields for recurring invoices to have an option (in addition to the current ability to specify a specific date for the next) to simply say ‘last day of Month’. That would get around issues such as setting up a recurring invoice where the next issue date is 28th of February but what you really want is not every 28th but rather the last day of every calendar month thereafter.

Thanks for considering.

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WE missing each other
The issue date becomes the invoice date the due date is referring to the date to pay and does not appear in the managements accounts only with the age analysis
If the run is done on the 25th of the month for the next month the sales appear as at the 25th of the previous month. this is not a problem during the year but it is a problem at the beginning of the year and year end
if you put your new year date in but your invoice run that done the previous year it puts the invoice to sales in the previous yer but puts the amount in the opening balances on the balance sheet
If you change the new year date to the previous month the opening balance disappears
It is in any way incorrect that the inviocce run done in the previous month for the next month appears in sales under the previous month

The invoice date is meant to be the date that the income is earned by the business. If you are invoicing for services in January then the invoice date should be 1st Jan not 25th Dec

That is true but then you cannot send recurring invoices out before the time let alone be paid on the first of the month

There is nothing to stop you creating the invoices manually dated 1st of month, nor using the recurring option to create them and then update invoice date manually or using batch update

Not what you are looking for but probably the best you can do for now

I assume what you want is to

  • Bill monthly in advance
  • Recurrent invoice specifying the relevant month / period (in this case a future dated period to when the invoice is generated but if billed in arrears would be a prior dated period).
  • Issue the invoice / trigger a new recurrent invoice in sufficient time for you and your customer to process it
  • Including income in Manager when the invoice is due not when the invoice is issued

A custom theme which extracts the current month and incorporates month +1 in invoice description printed may achieve what you want. An alternative would be a custom field used to hold a date offset to achieving the third date you need.

Not sure of you chances of getting Manager to not report any income till invoice is due rather than when it is issued. You may have a problem with the definition of accrual accounting.