Date format mis-matching with settings

While I have set the date format as dd-mm-yyyy in the settings all the pages and the documents showing the date in mm-dd-yyyy format.


Showing as below

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@lubos same problem facing as described be @SaiKiranch, @lubos you are requested to please fix asap

Same here.

i am facing the same problem of date format please fix it.

Yes everywhere(invoices, reports, forms)
Even though in the setting of date format is dd/mm/yyyy
it now displays mm/dd/yyyy
Iā€™m in cloud edition

Fixed in the latest version. If you are on cloud edition, to force the upgrade, please restart your cloud server at


I have the latest update. Still facing date error.

In which area you are facing the error?
after @lubos fixed it in the latest version, it is working fine for me.
I could not reproduce it.

If your are in cloud edition,