Database broken after update 19.12.20 > 20.8.1

I have just updated app from v19.12.20 to 20.8.1 and my database showing incorrect numbers. Bank accounts, Cash account, Pay-ables, and so on…

It took me a while to find and download it. By deleting folder from ~/.local/share/Manager and importing companies from backup file, made it possible to restore to previous state. However this does not solve the issue that database gets messed up after updating the app. I have also noticed that some files in ~/.local/share/Manager were moved to sub-folder inside called Trash, after launching v20.8.1 for the first time.

It would be great to get the update without broken database. For now it seems the only solution is to stick to previous version for while.

Any comments or suggestions would be helpful.

Your database is not broken. But there have been several hundred updates to the program since your old version. Some were very significant. As a result, some things may be in different automatic accounts. And some relationships may need to be reset since you have not kept up with the changes.

Just saying “my database showing incorrect numbers” will not help you obtain any assistance. You must be specific. What exactly has changed and why do you think it is wrong? You may have to illustrate with screen shots.

Items moved to the new Trash subfolder in the application data folder are obsolete files, such as businesses that were removed, or old data files that were upgraded to new formats with the change of software.

Where can I download v. 19.12.20? Perhaps I could reproduce the issue and make additional notes.

You can find all previous versions here

I am also one of those people who recently updated only to find my database in a different state.

Based on my reports my cash balances and inventory is fine. But my debtors are not all reflecting the correct balances. Some who had 0 balance now show uncleared balances though I’ve checked all the receipts have been captured I’m just not sure why the invoices are still uncleared. Is there a way i can fix it?

@Rukudzo_Ishmael_Mare, you need to furnish much more information. Illustrate your issue with screen shots of Edit screens of relevant transaction and screen shots of drill-down results. Remember, no one else can see your records. “Is there a way i can fix it?” leaves us wondering what you are trying to fix.

@Rukudzo_Ishmael_Mare saying “my balances are different” is not going to solve this. Every balance in Manager is clickable so you can drill-down into the list of transactions which make up the balance.

So check the list of transactions within the balance. Is there something that is missing? Or is there something that shouldn’t be there?

I suggest you run the new and old version of Manger side by side with the same data file. You will then be able to drill down on values which are different to see why. With specific information, other members of the forum are likely to be able to describe efficient solutions.

To run two versions of Manager you need

  • Two computers or at least two logins
  • a back up of your business from before you upgraded Manager
  • A copy of the old Manager program or at least a computer running the old version of Manager. Provided your old version of Manager was not too old you can get a copy of your old version of Manager from Restoring data issue - #2 by Patch

When you have these components

  • install the old and new version of Manager on different computers / computer user login accounts
  • Import the same old business data file into both versions of Manager
  • Drill down on numbers which as different to see why
  • Ask on the forum for the easiest way to fix the differences you find