Database Access

I am planning to install Manager and use the desktop version,
However i want to know if the data ( accounts, figures, customer names … etc) will be stored in a standard database ; like MySql or such.
And if so, will be i be able to access this database and write my own SQL queries ?

Data is accessible via SQL. All you need to do is go to Custom Reports under Reports tab.

For example, to select all customers, run SQL query

SELECT * FROM Customers

Dear Lubos

This is very assuring, but you calrify a bit more:

  1. what is the type of the database used, MS ACCESS, MySql … ?
  2. will there be available details of all tables in the database , Customers, Journals, Batches … ? and Where can i find these table details.

Manager is not using any SQL database. But custom reports will support SQL to query data however this is still work in progress and there isn’t documentation yet.

Hello, when can we expect this documentation to be ready, i dont mean to cause any trouble but having read through a number posts on this matter; the issue of documentation has been a long outstanding issue. Is there a time frame to the production of this much needed documentation?

it is onley one table " Customers" but if i want to query about sales invoices , i don’t know the exact table . can you provide the database schema so that we could query easiy.

not all these tables are still functional, but I mostly work from these when I make SQL queries.

yes ,very good , sql queries on these tables working fine

Cant find option to run sql query in desktop version, do we need to have cloud/server edition to run sql query now?

First of all, it’s a very old topic. Everything has changed since when it was generated. You cannot have direct access to Manager’s database. However you can extract data with Custom Reports that are available also under desktop edition.

There is also the Report Transformation module but right now is dedicated only to tax reporting.

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thanks Davide, where is that module? also using that module can i include more data about customer e.g address
in “Tax transactions” report?

Report Transformations - #2 by novica and Localisation: GST/VAT worksheet programming guide

Report type controls the information passed to the localisation.

Also see for other access
The Manager API and API Question - POST/PUT process - Ignore, Solved


About custom reports, please look at:

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