API Question - POST/PUT process - Ignore, Solved

TL;DR - Solved - I guess I was was overcomplicating!

Like everything so far with Manager, it’s just too easy - #impressed.


I’m successfully reading data from the Could API and am now ready to test Create/Update with POST/PUT.

Just to attempt to save some testing time, I was hoping someone has a quick answer to creating records.

I suspect I need to do both a POST & PUT to create a record - Process as follows;

POST Section (New Record)

  1. Generate new GUID.
  2. Serialize new record & POST with .json extension

PUT Section (Update index.json)

  1. Deserialize index.json
  2. Add new GUID generated above to json
  3. Serialize json and PUT index.json

Not sure if that’s the right order or if the API has some background ‘magic’ to update the index record.

No problem if no answer, it would just save me some time in testing!

By the way, for our situation , the Manager product has turned out to be Amazing! Thank you for providing the free desktop and free trial in the cloud.

Once we have this last part of our test working, you have a guaranteed new client!

where was it solved?