Data changes shown on the invoice

Dear team
I need to see how to include an employee’s data in an invoice by selecting it from a list without having to create all the fields and fill them by hand in the invoice.

create a custom field with employee names as a drop-down list.
read the guide regarding creating custom fields.

That’s a very simple answer, I do not need the name of the employee, I just need other information. The question is that I need something like what happens when I select a client but with an employee.

or could you tell me how I can inform myself of the use of the variables and functions of the template system to design my own invoice?

There is no linkage between employees and sales invoices. What information about employees do you want on sales invoices?

This is not going to produce what you want. Each transaction form has the ability to use certain information. Themes are coded in Liquid (search the internet for syntax guides). Themes allow you to rearrange the information available for a specific form, such as a sales invoice. But they don’t let you call up other data from other parts of the program. Since employee data is not part of the sales invoice form, you won’t be able to include it in a custom theme.

A simple way of saying this is that custom themes affect the presentation of data, not its selection or availability.

ok thanks I will try to design the data in a table and copy them in a custom field to the invoice

You cannot enter tables into custom fields. See this Guide: Manager Cloud. The choices for type of field are:


in type field paragraph tex can not use html tags?

Yes, all fields accept HTML. But whether you can generate a table or not, I don’t know. Overall, the program accommodates a limited subset of HTML. Try it and see.