Data-bind variables for Tax, SubTotal before tax and Grand Total

I am using Manager 14.8.30 and making customize theme for invoice. will any one provide me following Data- bind Variables.
1: Sub total.
2: Tax (for new tax code)
3: Grand Total with Tax.
Thanks in advance.

First thing you should do is upgrade. Manager is now version 19.9.24. So seems like you are using 5 years old version.

all help provided through the forum and the guides are for the latest versions.
so if you are using a five year old version, nothing on the forum or guides will make sense to you because there has been so many changes to the Manager program.
also, make sure you download only from the official website

Actually the latest version is not printing my custom theme as i want if i print it through clicking print button. If i just make PDF then it will work fine. That’s why i am using the older version that i have used and its work fine for me.

that is exactly the reason why there is no support for custom themes provided on the forum.
both minor or major changes will break the custom theme and therefore it is advisable only to users who personally have programming skills or can hire someone locally to do it for them.
the variables you asked for might be different in your version compared to the recent versions. so there is no point asking for the same on the forum.