Daily Recurring Invoices

Can we have Sales Invoices and/or Purchases invoices done to run Daily in addition to the weekly and monthly running options

Please note that recurring invoices do not automatically “run” you still need to issue them (see Set up and manage recurring sales invoices | Manager ). Just for learning purposes in what kind of cases do you have daily recurring invoices, ie with exactly the same data for each day except of course the issue date?

@eko , I wonder if you looked at the Recurring Invoices and realized we don’t have daily running options but only weekly and monthly!!!

The scenario we have requires a daily invoice for a customer of guest houses. So we need to track daily sales of the guests in the guest houses or hotel rooms without having to run the invoices manually every day.

I understood your request for daily as described. As mentioned I was curious about when this would be needed. Your example is not that common either. Would a typical guest-house customer not receive an invoice for x-number of days they stay in the guesthouse rather than every day? What would be the payment terms. Also when a guest leaves you have to remove the recurring invoice and for new guests add one that all looks a lot of unnecessary work to me :slight_smile:

Please note as mention and described in the guides (link provided) that recurring invoices in Manager are not automated, you still need to batch create and send them. So in your case you could as well use the copy to function in view invoice on a daily basis as may be quicker than having to send daily batches of recurring Invoices.

We know what to be done with the recurring invoices. All we need is the option of Daily running of the Recurring Sales Invoices. And we shall be sorted.

I have already talked to @lubos and good thing he got the concept perfectly well.
But thanks for the concern and response @eko

As mentioned I want to learn and so far I am not understanding it. Fortunately you mention that @Lubos got the concept perfectly well and maybe he can help to explain how this concept of sending daily invoices to guesthouse customers as recurring invoice works.

Would it not make more sense to have a single invoice for a period of time as @eko mentioned?

For example, a single line item on the invoice:

Guest House - $100 per day.
Price - $100
Qty - Number of days

I agree with this feature request on the basis that other accounting systems allow daily invoices and for those that do not allow it, I’ve seen feature requests for it.

I do not necessarily judge whether it’s sensible or not. Manager already allows weekly or monthly intervals. I think not to support daily interval would be completely arbitrary.


Added to the latest version (22.1.8)