COmpany Payment details - Where please?


I need to add the company IBAN and SWIFT code in an customer’s invoice, I cannot work out how to do this.

I went to "Settings
/ Business Details — Edit but could not find a block called “payment details”.

Went to the themes, I could hardcode it there but wanted to know if there was not a different way to do this without messing around with the themes.

I also looked at the custom fields but they seem to be different than 1 year ago where I could choose the type of custom field and so on. Now it is just 1 line and cannot work out how to get a text area(for payment details).

Thank you.


If you are referring to your own codes, add them in the Business identifier field under Business Details:


The field will accept HTML code, so you can include more than one item.

If you are referring to the customer’s codes for some reason, use custom fields. All the options for field type that were available a year ago are still available. Plus, you can add dates now. See the Guide: Manager Cloud. You can also set up default entries for such information. See Manager Cloud.

Make sure your software is up to date first.

Yes thank you, I was referring to my own company details.
Great I will add them in the Business dientifier. I did nto know it accepted html.


Thank you!

See Manager Cloud.