Custom logo on login screen

Would it be possible to add a customizable logo in the login form of Manager and on the top menu?

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while this is a good idea, i would suggest showing a logo somewhere after actually logging in.

both cloud and server edition supports multiple businesses, so if you are planning to have a logo related to your business it would be of no help on the login form when more than one business is setup in Manager.

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Maybe an option to set both of them separately.

I’m guessing the request is from a branding point of view, where “ABC Accounting” wants their logo on the login page before their customers log into the system.

So does the Desktop version, an unlimited number

@Davide mentioned about logo on the login form which is only relevant to cloud and server editions. hence my comment.

yes it is

Actually, Manager does support custom logo on login page although it’s undocumented feature used by only a handful of users. I guess the option could be added to Preferences tab so you can upload your logo which could be shown on Login screen.


That would be excellent! I’d certainly use it.

not being an opportunist :wink: but would it be possible for desktop users to have their logo displayed on Manager?
option to set a minimal logo for display on Manager software additional to the business logo that is already available under settings which would be used only for forms.

I’m not sure I follow, since this is about a logo on the login screen (which Desktop Edition does not have).

What did you have in mind, re: location of this logo? Trying to understand where you’re coming from.

i thought i mentioned about this already but i guess it was another topic.

for desktop users anywhere around the following page area would do. whichever is easier for implementation.

if implemented for server or cloud editions, the user would still want their logo displayed somewhere when working on the forms and not on just the login screen. so i guess desktop edition can inherit the feature.

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There isn’t a space for logo other than login screen. Also, I’d question the value of this feature on desktop edition since you’d be the only one seeing it.

like i said the desktop version can inherit this feature if there is possibility to implement this someplace else too other than the login form on server and cloud editions. it has no particular value to point out except that it is just visually pleasing for a business user to see their logo on the software they spend the whole day.

Two opinions:

Logos on the splash page, which is the Businesses page in the desktop edition, make no sense, as there may be many businesses listed.

There are improvements in the Ideas list and at least one known bug where development effort would probably be more widely appreciated.

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Good day,

Was this done?, or if it can be facilitated it would be useful. Thanks

Was what done? Several ideas have been discussed in this thread.

Custom logo on login page " I guess the option could be added to Preferences tab so you can upload your logo which could be shown on Login screen."

It can be achieved in a different way not documented as @lubos stated in various posts

Thanks. How can I have it done or can I do it, if given the instruction?