Custom installation setup

Hi all, please help me figure out how i can customize the program set up for the desktop version.
Thank you.

Read the Guides. When you have a specific question, please ask. But do not post such a broad request with no information. You have told us nothing about your situation or what you want to accomplish.

@Tut ok this is the situation, i am using manager desktop version and it works fine, am able to do all i want to do with it thanks to the Guides, however i want customize the installation setup so that it can have my name eg.lamin.msi. so that i can have it as a software that i can install on other desktops.

There used to be a Guide about rebranding or white-labeling the desktop edition. But it was removed. There also used to be a partner program you could sign up for, but that is also gone. I assume these steps were driven by a changing business model of NGSoftware. Perhaps too many users were claiming the desktop edition as their own product.

Currently, if you want to distribute a white-label version of Manager, you can do so by using the cloud edition, which carries no branding. You can also use a custom domain name for the cloud edition. See

Does the same apply to documentation, that is can the PDF book be rebranded ?

No, the PDF version of the Guides cannot be rebranded. The Guides also include many references to the program itself as Manager. The PDF version of the Guides is constructed daily from the online Guides. The cloud edition does not include the Learn How to… links on each page like the desktop edition.

Yeah, the implicatation at the moment is that if you would like a white label version of Manager:

  • Use the cloud server edition (host it on a server of your own and give customers access that way)
  • Write your own documentation that is branded as you see fit, if you do not want to direct customers to Manager’s official guides or forum.

You cannot host the Cloud edition on a server of your own

It is hosted on an AWS server in your region

Shane is referring to the self-hosted Server edition.

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My mistake, meant to write “server” but wrote “cloud” instead.