Custom installation setup

Hi all, please help me figure out how i can customize the program set up for the desktop version.
Thank you.

Read the Guides. When you have a specific question, please ask. But do not post such a broad request with no information. You have told us nothing about your situation or what you want to accomplish.

@Tut ok this is the situation, i am using manager desktop version and it works fine, am able to do all i want to do with it thanks to the Guides, however i want customize the installation setup so that it can have my name eg.lamin.msi. so that i can have it as a software that i can install on other desktops.

There used to be a Guide about rebranding or white-labeling the desktop edition. But it was removed. There also used to be a partner program you could sign up for, but that is also gone. I assume these steps were driven by a changing business model of NGSoftware. Perhaps too many users were claiming the desktop edition as their own product.

Currently, if you want to distribute a white-label version of Manager, you can do so by using the cloud edition, which carries no branding. You can also use a custom domain name for the cloud edition. See