Customers wise Discount

Is there any way to set automatic discount CUSTOMER WISE?

Sorry, no.

When will be this feature available in manager?

It’s not something I’m planning to implement yet. Right now, discount on invoices act as a column. First I would need to improve sales invoices so discount could be either set on each line item (as it is now) or globally for whole invoice. Only then I could implement feature you are requesting. Try to ask again in 2-3 months.


@lubos when customer wise discount feature will be added .
i have a large customer base of 400 customers . it will be very easy for me if this feature is provided

Release schedules are almost never announced in advance. When they are, they are only tentative.

Workaround for you:

You could add the discount to the bottom of their billing address, and have it as part of your process that staff check this and apply any discounts that show up there.

The billing address is automatically populated on new invoices, and is pulled from the Customer record.