Customer Discounts: Default from customer record?

We are an educational book producer.

We sell to both:

  • retail customers (normally schools parents or teachers) or
  • wholesale customers - normally bookshops (who onsell our products to the above)

Just wondering if it were possible to define a set discount % for an individual customer so that sales invoices for those discounted customers would automatically populate the discount field in the sales invoice. Currently we are discounting on an invoice by invoice basis - which is fine, but of course our wholesale customers tend to be those who buy the most, so there’s more activity from them, and potentially more chance for error to arise - so it would be easier and less error prone if it could be defaulted from a value held against the customer file.

NB We would imagine that this function would simply insert the discount value into each line of a sales invoice which could be edited if this were to change. For retail customers without a discount value 0 = no change.

Wondering if anyone else would have a similar requirement?

I think this would be solved by pricing levels. It will be new feature which will allow you to configure specific pricing rules per customers/suppliers.

thanks a lot Lubos

I’m not sure how we know when new features become available within Manager, but can you advise when this is incorporated please?

Maybe post into this thread?

There are a few things which need to be implemented first in order to support this feature. I’m moving towards that direction, can’t give any ETA but definitely this year.

Thanks again Lubos. I just wanted to make sure I could utilise the functionality when it is available - In a previous life we had release notes issued (which none of the users ever read I am sure) whenever a system upgrade was coming.

I’ll just keep watching, meanwhile thanks for all your attention to this package’s evolution.

There is a changelog for Manager.

See: Releases | Manager

Any further update to ETA for this facility Lubos? I looked in release notes and did not notice any info on pricing levels.

This is not the most important facility, but it would make entering invoices for wholesale customers a bit more streamlined and less prone to error with new staff (eg if a particular customer has a discount of say 40%, when most of the other customers are only offered 30%, the new staff would not have to ‘know’ the discount levels that apply - when they create a new invoice from a customer order).

Within 2 months I’m planning to make a lot of improvements to “items” concept which will include pricing levels. However the way you visualize pricing levels to work is not how they are going to be implemented.

So let’s just wait for this addition of pricing levels and then we take it from there.

Hi Lubos

You were right. The new functionality did not help in this regard as it was very complex to use - although I can see some use for it - just not for my purpose. So it is easier for me to just remember which customer has which discount % or to have a small reference guide for new staff. Not that hard.

Thanks for your efforsts in developing a great program though.

My accountant and bookkeeper are both happy.