Sales by inventory location

Hello everybody
Is there a way to see total sales by inventory location?

i have to inventory locations
location 1
location 2

we sell from both those location
and i want to see how many inventory items are sold and the total amount of money
from which location in a specific time frame from date to date

location 1 - items sold xxxx
location 1 - money xxxx

well such a report is not available in Manager.
but if you create and use custom field with both your inventory locations as a drop-down list, you can try the Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field report.

so you mean create a custom field with my location matchin the custom fied, so i will have to choose twice. select from location select from custom field.

that is a way but i will have to modify all previous invoices
and if i do a mistale in puting the right choice in the custom field or i leave it empty i cant easily track that mistake

any option with the custom reports ?
or any other way?
also this will give me only the total of sales not the total of the units sold