Customers 'Inactive' flag is missing for custom reports

Hi - I have a nice custom report for our ‘Member Roster’ (i.e. customers). Only issue is that the fields available do not seem to include the ‘Inactive’ flag. i.e. I really only want to include active customers in the custom report. Currently that field does not seem to be available to include in either the ‘where’ or ‘select’ criteria. So it is neither possible to (i) restrict the list to active or inactive or (ii) even add the field to the report to identify active vs. inactive.

Lubos - Any chance the inactive status flag could be exposed to the custom report fields for the customers table?

Thanks for considering. It seems silly to have to duplicate the active/inactive flag in a custom field to be able to have something available to use in the where clause.

This seems to have gone quiet. Any chance we could add it to ideas? i.e. to add the inactive flag/column (preferably for both customers, suppliers) to those available in custom reports.

I agree, you should be able to have the option to select only current day data.

As a workaround (?) if the Accounts Receivable account can be part of the custom report selection then you could transfer the inactive ones to their own control account so you would have:
Accounts receivable - Active
Accounts receivable - Inactive.

Right now I simply have a custom field on the customer, where I ‘duplicate’ the inactive flag when I make a customer inactive. All custom fields on the customer show up, so I use that, but it sure feels silly to be duplicating a true system field that already exists :slight_smile:

I see this has now been added as an idea, so I am sure it will only be a matter of time. I do want to say that the custom reports functionality even as it exists now is outstanding and a big thanks to Lubos and team. Great stuff.

Please @lubos, expose inactive flag of every table

Added to the latest version (19.1.7)

Many thanks. Fantastic.